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     Congratulations!  When you decide to join our project, you will be joining the ranks of numerous creative, dedicated, slightly insane persons who have gone before.  You will be committing to create a piece of art a week for fifty-two weeks.  Make no mistake: there will be weeks when you wonder what the heck you were thinking committing to this crazy project.  But when you reach the finish line and look back at what you've accomplished, rest assured-- you will be glad you did it.

We are currently engaged in an Artz Project, and unless you're willing to make up all those weeks you've missed, you may want to think about settling for Guest Artist status this time around, and then plan to join us when the next Project begins.  For more on Guest Artistz, check out our "Guest Gallery" page.

     If you are still sure you want to participate fully this time around, and you are willing to "catch up" all in one fell swoop, just email the Geekmaster and declare your intentions.  You'll be asked for a brief bio, and we'll request that you donate $5 to help defray the website costs, etc.  It's just $5 for the year, not a monthly fee.  (We're just trying to break even, here.)  Please contact the Geekmaster now and allow us to bestow upon you the magic words that will open the door to all of Geekdom!  (Translation: please give us your email so we can send you the sign-in information for the Geekz resource site.)  Well... what are you waiting for?

     If you're not sure yet whether you want to be a full-time Geek for an entire year, it probably just means you're a wise, wise soul who needs to look-- and think-- before they leap.  It's perfectly understandable.  And sane.  Now throw that sanity right out the window, because if you join this merry band of artists you probably won't be needing it.  Stop asking yourself if you're good enough, or if you can find the time to do this.  You can read the origins of TGAP for a little more information, and the project FAQ may or may not afford you a little more clarity in your decision, but ultimately all you need to do is answer one question: do you want to attempt to create fifty-two pieces in a year?  If so, welcome aboard! 


If you're excited about the TwinGeekz Artz Project and would like to share the excitement, please feel free to link to us! 

If you email us the code, we'll return the favor by posting a link to your site on our "Fans of TGAP" page. 

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